About us


At Tasika we make things happen.

We work with large corporations as well as small to medium businesses because,
whatever their size, all businesses are likely to have issues or challenges that need resolving. But most importantly, no two customer requirements will be exactly the same, that’s why we look for a customised solution that meets your precise needs.

At Tasika, we explore the undefined problems that a business might be experiencing and use our skills and expertise to find the right solution. Through innovative thinking and strategic intelligence we can turn the rough idea that ‘something’s not quite right’ into a recognised and tangible business issue that can be detected, measured and solved.

Before creating Tasika in 2008, my background was in the financial services sector. Having experienced operational change as an employee, I observed big ambitions suffer from minimal delivery. After suffering the frustrating ‘treacle factor’ of being stuck in the middle of an immobile situation, I recognised an opportunity to improve how businesses could approach change in a positive, meaningful way that benefited everyone involved.

By its very nature, change can be fleeting, if it happens at all. At Tasika we’re able to use our knowledge and experience, alongside a network of subject matter experts, to ensure that a problem is understood, explored and resolved. Too often, change is pushed out into an organisation without any attempt to empower its staff in the process, or a solution is shoe-horned into answering a problem. We can help organisations to recognise the innovative ideas that will help their staff to work more efficiently.

We don’t sell the solution first, we explore the business objectives and customer requirements, highlighting what the problems are and investigating which solution can add the most financial and strategic value. We don’t do ‘boxed solutions’ we uncover the problems that a business might be suffering from and use our creative skills to diagnose the solution that works best for everyone.

Reuben Mifsud

Director and founder of Tasika

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