“Change does not happen last, but it should be lasting.”

It’s scary, it’s inevitable, it’s healthy, it’s necessary, it’s unwanted… change can be a lot of things but every business is aware that it will have to experience change in order to evolve and grow.

The secret to successfully managing change is understanding the reasons behind it, communicating this clearly, predicting the reactions that are likely to occur as a result of it and implementing the change smoothly.

At Tasika we explore the three stages of change in order to make the transition as pain free as possible.


We help you find the ‘light bulb moment’ that marks the starting point for most change. If it doesn’t happen often enough we can make sure that it occurs more, providing you with the skills and methods for generating and shaping new ideas.


People need to understand the reasons behind any change in order for the transition to be a success. The willingness and ability to accept and absorb change will only come from open communication.

People will want to have their questions answered at each stage, similar to peeling back the different layers of the change process.

The outer layer highlights what will actually change on a daily basis, the second layer explains how the changes will be implemented and, most importantly, but unfortunately the area that is often overlooked, the third layer discusses the reasoning behind why the change is occurring.

By understanding the politics of a business, defining any dissatisfaction and pre-empting potential resistance, we can help you to create a culture before, during and after the change process that wins the hearts and minds of everyone involved.


Finally, we can look at the most effective way to deliver and implement the change across the relevant areas of the business, creating the least amount of disruption.

Change is transformative and with our help we can ensure that the ripples created by any alteration to your business process has a positive effect on everyone involved, making a lasting impression for all the best reasons.

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