What we do


ComplyRadar helps organisations in regulated industries to address AML transaction monitoring requirements by automatically identifying suspicious behaviour in real-time or on a scheduled basis while minimising false positives. ComplyRadar monitors transactions related to individual and entity accounts to detect suspicious activity quickly and effectively, through a fully audited process to inspect and act on flagged transactions. Our solution provides a full audit trail on a customer and system-level should the need arise.

GoAML Schema

To cater for the goAML XML requirements, ComplyRadar has developed a goAML conversion module which can be delivered as a standalone tool or fully integrated into our Case Management module. The standalone version includes an easy-to-use template and can export data in line with the FIU XML scheme once populated by the user with all the relevant transaction information.


Our ability to utilise Natural Language Processing as a tool to extract data from unstructured sources on a pay as you go basis, allows our clients to be able to manage fluctuations in demand.


Roboshore is our RPA as a service solution where the outlay and management of infrastructure and the running of the robots is included in a subscription based plan, taking away many of the challenges related to RPA programs.

Run Management

Our run management solution takes away the pain of maintaining your RPA capabilities and allows your developers to focus on new automations and continuing to expand your program, without being restricted by maintenance of existing automations.

Process Mining

Process mining is an exciting new proposition enabling you to accelerate your automation programme by conducting the process analysis for you, identifying bottlenecks, process variations and making them visible, enabling process experts to better understand how to redesign processes to get the most success from automation.

How we do it

Our core strength is business & process transformation through a technology lens.

Direct Consulting

  • Our consultants work with you to understand your business and help deliver your goals.
  • All projects will be overseen by one of our managing partners to ensure you get the service you require.
  • Tasika can have an active role in programme management or provide ‘as needed’ consultancy.

We provide you with onsite and remote resources to suit a specific need.

Resourcing Partners

  • Tasika has built a network reliable resourcing partners
  • All resources are reference and background checked through our resourcing partner network
  • We provide both short and long-term resourcing options.

We have partnered with the best specialist to ensure that we deliver the latest tech capabilities.

Technology Partners

  • Robotics and artificial intelligence
  • System integration
  • Chatbots, mobile, web
  • Design of user interfaces and integration with back end systems

Our Partners

Our Partners

What our clients say

Maria DunneHead of Lending and Insurances, KBC

Tasika have provided us with an invaluable service supplying us with highly skilled support and vast knowledge of ways in which we can work more efficiently, enabling us to continue to innovate and grow our business while delivering a superior customer experience. Tasika has changed our view of how to effectively resource our teams to meet customer demand, and how we structure and view business improvements, to ensure we are always putting customer value add at every stage of our improvements. This was delivered to us in a way that offered an innovative range of delivery options that were sustainable with our business strategy.

Bob StellaResource Planning Manager, KBC

We first turned to Tasika because we needed a customer journey and process maps backed by genuine data-driven insight. With a few days work spread over 3 weeks, they hosted workshops to map our journey, sat side by side with colleagues to validate assumptions, worked with our analysts to gather available insight and even built and analyzed new trackers to access information that we had never seen before about our own processes.
In the end they provided us with an actionable advice rich report that has already given rise to two tactical projects designed to reduce customer wait times as well as several discussions at a strategic level about the very design of our products. Completely exceeded my expectations.

Martin EamonsonProject Manager, LBG

I find myself extremely fortunate to be supported by Tasika on projects I was ultimately accountable for. Tasika's expertise when managing projects is excellent and cover the full range of good planning, excellent stakeholder management and a thorough understanding of technical analysis tools. They have proven to be very insightful and work in a very collaborative manner, delivering results whilst mentoring and developing younger members of our teams.

Pete MarshallFounder, ARPA

We have partnered with Tasika on a number of projects and they are always a pleasure to work with. They share our customer centric values and this always comes through in their work. Always a pleasure to partner with them and look forward to working with them in the future.

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