Many organisations are facing the prospect of digital transformation in the world of ever evolving new technologies. This is a daunting prospect for many with a seemingly infinite number of providers.

Questions about the right solution, how it fits with your strategy, if you have one and how it enhances costumer experience are all ones that need to be answered when embarking on a transformation journey.

Tasika can help define your strategy, or understand how technology can help underpin your existing one.

At Tasika, we explore the undefined problems that a business might be experiencing and use our skills and expertise to find the right solution. Through innovative thinking and strategic intelligence we can turn the rough idea that ‘something’s not quite right’ into a recognised and tangible business issue that can be detected, measured and solved.

Reuben Mifsud

Founder & Managing Partner, Tasika

Why Us

We work with large corporations as well as small to medium sized businesses because, whatever their size, all businesses have unique challenges.

No two customer requirements will be exactly the same, that’s why we get to know you and look for a customised solution that meets your precise needs.

We don’t try and fit a solution to your business, we explore the business objectives and customer requirements, highlighting what the problems are and investigating the most appropriate solution that can add the most financial and strategic value. We don’t do ‘boxed solutions’ we uncover the problems that a business might be suffering from and use our creative skills to diagnose the solution that works best for everyone.

What our clients say

Maria DunneHead of Lending and Insurances, KBC

Tasika have provided us with an invaluable service supplying us with highly skilled support and vast knowledge of ways in which we can work more efficiently, enabling us to continue to innovate and grow our business while delivering a superior customer experience. Tasika has changed our view of how to effectively resource our teams to meet customer demand, and how we structure and view business improvements, to ensure we are always putting customer value add at every stage of our improvements. This was delivered to us in a way that offered an innovative range of delivery options that were sustainable with our business strategy.

Bob StellaResource Planning Manager, KBC

We first turned to Tasika because we needed a customer journey and process maps backed by genuine data-driven insight. With a few days work spread over 3 weeks, they hosted workshops to map our journey, sat side by side with colleagues to validate assumptions, worked with our analysts to gather available insight and even built and analyzed new trackers to access information that we had never seen before about our own processes.
In the end they provided us with an actionable advice rich report that has already given rise to two tactical projects designed to reduce customer wait times as well as several discussions at a strategic level about the very design of our products. Completely exceeded my expectations.

Martin EamonsonProject Manager, LBG

I find myself extremely fortunate to be supported by Tasika on projects I was ultimately accountable for. Tasika's expertise when managing projects is excellent and cover the full range of good planning, excellent stakeholder management and a thorough understanding of technical analysis tools. They have proven to be very insightful and work in a very collaborative manner, delivering results whilst mentoring and developing younger members of our teams.

Pete MarshallFounder, ARPA

We have partnered with Tasika on a number of projects and they are always a pleasure to work with. They share our customer centric values and this always comes through in their work. Always a pleasure to partner with them and look forward to working with them in the future.

Key contacts

Reuben Mifsud

Founder & Managing Partner

Reuben has dedicated his career and professional studies to delivering value through innovation. Having worked with large multinational companies as well as early stage start-ups, he is an advocate in Business Model Generation, leveraging disruptive technologies to challenge traditional business models.
Having founded Tasika, and in the process getting exposure to the latest thinking in organisational change and product delivery methods, is able to share market insights from both buyer and seller positions in B2B markets.

Lee Melia

Co-founder & Program Director

Lee is a seasoned changed professional with over 20 years of experience in managing organisational transformation, developing and executing on strategy for clients across a whole spectrum of industries. A real passion for delivering the right changes that improve and grow organisations, with a specific emphasis on customer impact.
A philosophy of building long lasting relationships through getting to know clients has led to customers returning to Tasika over and again, allowing us to grow with our clients.

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