“It’s not about competing businesses, it’s about competing networks.”

Every business will run on a network of buying and selling, procurement and distribution, that relies on constant dialogue between internal staff, external contractors and customers or clients.

Frustration can arise when common values aren’t met. Any element of the network that is no longer delivering the required quality, control or cost will threaten to undermine the entire business structure.


At Tasika, we’ve been both buyers and sellers, which gives us valuable insight into building longer lasting relationships within a business.

The tendency towards competitive tendering and low cost pricing can affect these relationships, so we look at alternative methods to meet objectives and requirements that will benefit both sides. Too many times the phrase ‘win-win situation’ is used to describe the supply process in a business, without ever truly achieving a solution that benefits everyone.


With the help of our experienced team of contractors, Tasika can understand the operational capabilities of your business and look at how it can improve external capabilities, engage more with vendors, gain marketing insights, and adopt best practice measures.

Areas covered can include;

  • Competitor intelligence
  • Due diligence
  • Contract negotiations
  • Distribution strategies
  • Network design

Ultimately, an exploration of the supply process should help to create longer lasting relationships, built on economies of scale and scope that are more relevant and effective for the business

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