According to the united nations it is estimated that the extent of global money laundering in a single year is anywhere between £600 billion and £1.5 trillion. Likewise it is estimated the world’s economy lost approximately £5.1 billion to fraud. These figures serve to highlight the severity of the problem at hand.

The fight against money laundering and fraud is more urgent than ever. Combat corruption within your organization with real time transaction monitoring and detect early signs of threats.

As the world’s economy shifts from traditional money exchange methods to online transactions, the accessibility and risk of money laundering and fraud is more prevalent than ever before.

By adopting real time transaction monitoring and case management, the threat of money laundering and fraud can be directly addressed and prevented before they have a chance to damage your organization. We offer transaction monitoring relating to both individual and entity accounts to detect suspicious activity quickly and effectively in either real time or a scheduled basis, through a fully audited process to inspect and act on flagged transactions.


Monitor high volumes of incoming transactions in real time while utilizing cutting-edge machine learning technologies. We offer real time flagging and alerts on suspicious activity.

Case Management

Manage your customer data in a single platform and ensure all essential information required for investigative efforts is in one central location. Keep up to date on all open cases while monitoring their progress and assign cases to relevant roles within your organization.


Monitor transactions while receiving minimal false positive results and detect early signs of suspicious activity. Our machine learning engine is also constantly learning customer behaviors, driving full optimization and continued improvement.


Integrating RPA and Amplify, we can conduct a thorough search on any flagged individuals and perform adverse media checks, deep web searches, and checks within both internal and external systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Avoid the risks of bad reputation and major financial penalties that money laundering and fraud can bring by ensuring full regulatory compliance.

Industry Threats

Ensure your organization is fully protected against the new online age of financial crimes such as money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing.

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