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We at Tasika believe a digital transformation should be accessible to all companies, regardless of their scale. We now offer a pay as you go approach to automation that gives you access to our tools, insights and customer service in order to support your journey into the era of intelligent automation.

We Offer

Robots as a Service

From Azure to private cloud, Robots as a Service is the fastest and the most flexible way to utilize Digital Workers. This industrial automation platform allows for building and connecting with automation capabilities in the same solution with high security, availability, impact and easy implementation.


The average employee will spend approximately 35% of their work hours collecting and processing data. Tasika now offers Documents as a Service (DaaS) to eliminate these large wastes of time by using the power of natural language processing. DaaS will deliver faster, cheaper and more accurate document processing that will support your employees in their daily tasks.

Run Management

Run Management ensures that your automated business critical processes flow smoothly, 24-7. Run Management can handle incidents caused externally due to system or network errors and updates. This service ensures maximized uptime of digital workers and keeps your business in action.

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