Our approach to automation is very much based on the principle of selecting the right processes that lend themselves to an automated environment.

Through our work with large and small organizations, we came to recognize the constraints posed by complex legacy systems, regulations and rigid product delivery. While organizations are keenly aware of automation, getting started on the journey is no small deal.

Many automation projects fail because the wrong process was selected to automate, with the wrong tool used to automate a non-standardised process. At Tasika, we work with our clients to select the right processes, that will deliver business & customer value using an appropriate technology.

Our Process

Our automation approach is based on the type of data handled:

  • Structured data – In house scripting and scraping tools, workflow, off-the-shelf tools
  • Structured & semi-structured data – Rule based automation
  • All types of data including unstructured data – Cognitive tools based on capabilities such as; natural language processing, pattern recognition etc.

Our Expertise

Automation Consulting

For many organisations, Robotics represents a new and unique way to approach automation and opens up a world of possibilities. Our automation consulting services help to explore the art of the possible, to identify use case and establish best practices support an automation journey.

Business Case Development

Understanding the value to be delivered through automation, the financial and non-financial benefits and the relationship to cost and return on investment is often a vital foundation for a successful program. Tasika’s experienced consultants and associates will provide full or partial support for the development of business cases, and measurement of achieved benefits.

Deployment and Integration

Tasika provide a comprehensive range of services to support clients in deploying the solution and integrating it into their production architectures. From network connectivity and access, security and availability, monitoring and management practices, to integration into IT support functions and procedures.

Education and Training

Comprehensive training for automation teams and supporting functions can be provided on-line, or in person. Our training programs cover Operator, Foundation and Practitioner level education in the complete automation solution with full accreditation and certification on successful completion.

Managed Automation

For those organisations who would prefer not to retain ownership of their automated support or operations functions, Tasika can offer a range of Managed Service options delivered in-house or from our extensive network of accredited associates and partners who combine virtual and human resources as a blended workforce to deliver a business outcome.

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