Business Process Transformation

We support in redesigning and transformation of processes, systems and organisational change based on real performance metrics and empirical data, not guesswork and speculation. Working in partnership with our clients for the long term, we provide assistance throughout the whole transformation journey, advancing their capabilities and helping turn ideas into delivery.

We recognize that many services organisations are struggling to achieve their strategic ambitions as a result of operational complexity driven by legacy issues.

Complexity arrises due to non standard workflows driven by multiple products and lines of business. Steep learning curve and slow speed to competence for new starters directly impact the quality.

Manual workflow and controls across the process lifecycle leads to increased error rates. Simple non valued activities ended up consuming significant manual intervention.

Inconsistent customer journeys create a fragmented customer experience and impact the NPS (net promoter score).

Decisions made on ‘gut-instinct’ and opinions as opposed to emperical evidences result in lack of customer insight.

Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to address the barriers. We start our investigation with the ‘Voice of Customer’. We then analyze the employee pain points about the processes they execute. We investigate the process performances and identify the scope of optimaztion. All of the findings are then tallied against the business goals.


Derive insight from customer data

We utilize customer data as the focal point for managing and improving customer experience. Monetization is achieved by proactively offering personalized offers and predictive marketing campaigns.

Leverage existing assets while expanding the reach

We leverage digital technologies to expand the reach and level of engagement through digital channels (mobile, social).

Process re-imagination

We enable our clients re-imagining the way processes are implemented & executed. We help them achieve productivity improvements through workflow automation and through RPA, Cognitive AI/ ML automations

Change management

We facilitate robust change management to enable successful process roll-outs, improve adoption and drive continuous Improvements

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